Can you drive in Australia with an overseas license?

The laws governing driving in Australia with an international license varied from state to state. While you can drive with an overseas license in Australia, it can be a bit puzzling. If you’re not aware about how it all works. To make your experience as straightforward as possible, we’ve compiled the following information on how to obtain an Australian Drivers License.

If you’ve come from overseas and have an international driver’s license, you may be eligible for a different process. Each Australian state handles this procedure differently based on your visa and driving history, so it’s best to check directly with your local licensing body.

If you are only visiting Australia, you can drive the same form of transport that your current license permits. When driving, you must keep your license and passport with you at all times and show them to authorities upon inquiry.  You cannot drive in Australia if you are banned from driving in any other nation. Also, you must make sure to follow any restrictions on your international license.

You will require one of the following:

  • A current license issued in another country that is written in English,
  • A current license with an English translation, If your license is not written in English, you must have a formal Translated version or an International Driving License with you.
  • An international driver’s license.If your overseas license expires while you are visiting, you must obtain a new one from Australia.

If you want to transfer an overseas license to a NSW licence, the procedure will be different. Permanent residents and can use an overseas license for the first three months of their stay in the state and transfer within that time. This could require taking certain driving tests in order to obtain your license.

Documents needed to transfer an overseas licence:

  • Your proof of identity your overseas license
  • Proof of your payment for the application
  • PDF form of the application
  • Residency status

We understand how this can be a pretty complicated process, and we are here to help you with it. You can reach out to us regarding any of your licensing needs. Our staff at Road Safety Driving School will ensure to assist you through the whole process!