Are your instructors authorized to give lesson?

All of our Instructors in the ROAD SAFETY DRIVING SCHOOL are licensed Driving Instructors who have been approved through the RMS. They have experience and have good knowledge in the local area. Our instructors not only help you pass your practical driving test but also place an emphasis on safe driving throughout your life! Our goal is to train you driving with confidence.

How many lessons do I need?

It is entirely dependent on your learning skills and capabilities. We will show you the most secure and most efficient method to learn to drive however every driver is unique. After the first few lessons, your instructor will provide you with their professional advice on the number of lessons you’ll require to pass the practical test.

What happens if I hold an international license?

Even though you’re already able to drive, in order to successfully pass the practical test in this country, you have to undergo driving lessons in order to become familiar with the roads in this country. Additionally, the quality of driving that is required to pass the practical test in the country is likely to be the best anywhere in the world.
If you’ve been driving for several years, it is likely that you’ve acquired bad habits. In order to pass the test, you must correct these habits.
This is where the driving lessons are the key. We recommend taking assessment course to begin before taking at least one lesson per week to improve your skills, and eliminate of any negative habits.
Begin preparation for your test in the theory department. There are links on RMS website to assist you in this. Once the theory test has completed, you can book the practical test and go through your classes until the date for the test. In this way, you’ll likely be able to pass the test the first time around.

What is the length of each lesson?

Most lessons are only one hour. We recommend you schedule two hours of lessons if you’re in a position to do so, as this will make you more likely to see faster advancement by putting the lessons into practice, and passing the test in small time, which will save you lots of cost.

What happens during every lesson?

Our instructors are certified to impart knowledge both theoretical and practice, making sure that you get the most effective instruction that you can receive. After each driving lesson, you and your instructor will go over the lessons you’ve learned and establish a goal of the things you’ll be learning during the next lesson. This can help you keep an even pace.

Can I take just one or two lessons prior to the practical exam?

Yes, you can. And so long as you are able to drive safely, then you are able to rent the instructor’s vehicle for the test. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to pass the test. Some people cut down on lessons in order to reduce costs. But, over time when they fail several tests, they discover that it is actually more expensive. If you are able to manage it, learn the recommended number of times before the exam, so that you have a higher chance of passing the test first time around.

Do you have evening or weekend classes?

Yes! Our instructors are at ROAD SAFETY DRIVING SCHOOL are flexible with their schedules and are able to provide Saturday and evening lessons when needed.

Do you offer refresher classes or lessons?

Yes! Our instructors are able to offer refresher lessons or a course of instruction to those who have completed their practical driving test, but may be lacking confidence or in need of further training in some or all areas. Refresher classes are helpful to drivers who haven’t been driving for some time or who require advice or corrections to their current driving practices.

How much time will it take me to get my driver’s license?

Since driving is a life skill that is taught according to an individual the length of time required to master the RMS test standard will differ from one student to the next. Our instructors are trained and are aware of how to achieve the test standards required. Our instructors are at ROAD SAFETY DRIVING SCHOOL are certified to instruct in the best method of instruction that has been set out by the RMS and are accordingly prepared to help students pass the driving exam.

How old is the minimum requirement for age to be able to apply for an driver’s license?

At least 16 years old before you are able to apply for a driver’s license in Australia.

Do you have a car for the test of driving?

Yes, we offer a test vehicle for a reasonable price. We will also will pick you up one hour before, so that you’re confident and ready to take testing

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