Common Driving Test Mistakes

Driving tests can be nerve-wrecking, especially because of the fact that you have another person analysing your every move very closely. It can make even the most skilled drivers feel nervous and make silly mistakes. Here is a small overview of the common driving test mistakes and a guideline on how you can avoid them.

Incorrect Speed

Appropriate speed use includes more than just remaining under the speed limit while driving but also evaluating what is suitable for what is going on around you, such as other drivers on the road, the weather conditions, or an intersection. By the time test day arrives, you’ll be prepared to drive at the optimal speed for the circumstances.  Make sure to check the speedometer frequently.

Turning Improperly

To make a solid turn, keep the vehicle near to the side  avoid other cars or walkers moving into the space between your car and the curb. To let other cars behind you know what you’re about to do, make use of use your turn signal roughly 100 feet well before making the turn. Do not merge with other lanes while doing so. Make sure there are no pedestrians or vehicles  before proceeding.

Passing Errors

When passing another car, you should be . Wait until you can see the complete vehicle you just overtook in your rearview mirror before turning back into the right lane. When overtaking another car on the right or left.

Following Too Closely

Maintain a safe following distance so that if the car in front of you tumbles or brakes, you have adequate response time to keep yourself and your passengers unharmed. This gap is known as the following distance. You should always maintain the following distance of 3-5 seconds.

Wrong Parking

Parking is one technique that makes almost every driver concerned. Parallel parking is also quite challenging. Do not park in restricted zones.

These are some of the common driving test mistakes made in Australia. But with proper training under a qualified instructor, you can learn how to prevent these mistakes from happening. At Road Safety Driving School, we have some of the best driving instructors in Sydney to help you learn driving without making any of these mistakes.